As we operate our own infrastructure, we provide not only cloud hosting solutions. We also offer you professional colocation solutions for your server or bitcoin mining hardware.

You can colocate your server or hardware equipment in our Los Angeles, USA or Singapore high-performance colocation.

Our colocation equipment and network equipment is fully owned and operated by us. We operate two ASN AS135027 and AS64094 with several multi-Gbit uplinks in Los Angeles and Singapore.

Order our basic package in three easy steps:


Place your order

Place your order online and pay your first invoice.

Ship it

We provide you with the shipment address and your IP information so you can configure your server before you ship it.


Once your colocation server arrives in our facility, we will check it for any damages and rack it within 24 hours after arrival (on business days).

  • You can host your equipment with 1U in our racks in Singapore or Los Angeles including the following services:
  • 1U
  • 1 Amp 120V / 240V
  • 1 Gbit Uplink Port
  • 6 TB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 1x /29 IPv4 (5 usable addresses) + 1 /48 IPv6
  • $49MONTHLY*

*Price 49 USD per month with a minimum of 3-month contract.

Our colocations are state of the art datacenter facilities with the highest protection standards and services:

  • Redundant Uplinks

  • Ports upgradable to 10,000Mbps

  • Secure Private VLANs

  • 24x7x365 on-site support engineers

  • Redundant UPS Backup Units

  • Network & Bandwidth monitoring system.

If you need more space or more bandwidth, please get in contact with our sales team for a custom solution. Please also get in touch with our team if you need some extras to your colocation some examples:

  • Backup Space
  • BGP sessions to announce your own AS & IP Space
  • Announce your IP space on our AS
  • Hardware firewall solutions & DDoS protection solutions
  • Managed services and much more.

We are also more than happy to provide you a custom hosting solution for your bitcoin mining hardware. Our data centers are a secure location for your mining equipment. Just contact our sales team to get a quotation.

Where are your colocation facilities located?

Our Singapore Datacenter is located at Pandan Loop, Singapore, and our Los Angeles colocation is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles.

Do you provide DDoS Protection for your colocation services?

Yes, we can offer custom DDoS Protection solutions for your colocation equipment in Los Angeles and Singapore. Please get in touch to find out more.

Do you also offer server rentals / dedicated servers?

Yes, we can provide custom dedicated servers in Los Angeles, Singapore, Frankfurt, and Washington. Please get in touch with our sales team to get more information and quotations.