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We are sure that you know how important backups are. There are many solutions how to backup your Virtual Server. But we want to provide the best possible. Our fully integrated and redundant cloud backup.

You don't have to remember to take manual snapshots or create backups. We will take care of this.

The Safehouse Cloud Backup system will create a backup of your server once a day and save the image of your server on our backup cloud located in our data center. So we can guarantee fast backups and more important the restore of your server. But there is more. We even take a second copy of your server image at a second secured data center.

There is no software installation or configuration. Just add the feature to your account. And the rest is done in the background.

The backup feature come with a flat fee. It doesn't matter which size your virtual server have or how important your data is.

At the Safehouse Cloud security is affordable for everyone.

  • $10MONTHLY