About Us



We are a team of web hosting industry veterans with more than 20 years of experience in the business. The Safehouse Cloud Inc was started to provide everyone around the globe the best available infrastructure they need - for the best possible price.

The Safehouse Cloud operates four co-locations around the world. Located in Singapore, Los Angeles, Washington and Frankfurt.

All our server equipment and network equipment is fully managed and owned by our company. We use only high-performance server systems from major vendors like Dell, HP & SuperMicro. All our servers use Intel Xeon high-performance CPU's and enterprise grade SSD only.

Our CloudServer based on KVM virtualization hosted Linux nodes. KVM and our strict policies guarantee you that we never oversell any resources.

The support is available 24x7x365 via our support ticket system. You will only deal with our highly trained experts. No - call center or external support provider.

The Safehouse Cloud operates two main offices one in Miami, Florida and one in Singapore. We are fully private owned and debt free. We are planning long term and want to become your long term partner.

If you have some special hosting needs or have any other question. Please feel free to contact our board of directors at any time via [email protected].